Shift your Outlook, Transform your Outcomes.

It took you a solid 40 hours of study to acquire your state license, merely a ticket to entry for this exclusive club of business owners.

Now, ponder this: how committed are you to mastering the skills that will significantly impact your bottom line?

Merely an hour? It might be time to reconsider. Forty hours? Now, we're getting somewhere. Double that commitment to 80 hours? Now, you're demonstrating a genuine dedication to your business.

The correlation is clear: the more you invest in learning, the more your earnings will reflect that effort. Strive to safeguard 10 families a week, and the key is a minimum of 20 hours weekly immersed in our training materials. Revisit training videos, re-read until it's etched in your memory.

Your business trajectory and success are intricately tied to the tenacity of your work ethic.

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Guaranteed, ROP, Graded or Modified Explained:

If it says Guaranteed, ROP, Graded or Modified, all of these terms essentially mean the same thing. Different carriers, for some reason, have different terms they use for rating classes, but they all mean the same thing.

It means. 2 year waiting period. If the client dies of natural causes in the first 2 years, the death benefit will NOT pay out, the premiums will be returned to the beneficiary, plus 10% interest.

Guaranteed, ROP, Graded or Modified rated policies pay about 30%-50% less commission as well, and cost about 40% more that a Preferred, Standard or Immediate Rating Class.


Carrier Phone Numbers

  • 📞 American Amicable - 800-736-7311
  • 📞 American Home Life - 833-504-0334
  • 📞 Foresters - 866-466-7166
  • 📞 Great Western - 866-252-5594
  • 📞 GTL - 800-323-6907
  • 📞 Liberty Bankers - 888-525-4467
  • 📞 Life Shield - 800-851-5041
  • 📞 Prosperity - 866-380-6413
  • 📞 Royal Neighbors - 866-733-9758
  • 📞 Transamerica - 877-234-4848