Life Insurance Agents!

Are you looking for a new home?

What are we looking for in an agent?

  • 1099 Agents (commission only)

  • Licensed in Life and Health

  • Hard working with self determination

  • Full time status

  • Previous sales experience a plus!

  • Virtual Agents Only (Work from home)

  • You have 48 hrs to complete contracting once you receive the email invite.

What do we offer our full-time agents?

  • FREE CRM System (a $600 a month value)

  • FREE Lead Program

  • Training and Mentorship

  • Virtual Office (No Zoom!!)

  • 85% Comp rate upon starting** (Applies to most applicants)

Which type of partnership do I want?

  • Broker Agents - Just receive contracts with no support offered (Part time agents). Broker Agents just work their own markets and their own leads. They typically don't need assistance, just contracts.

  • Partner agents - Full time agents as listed above.

If you are interested in working with us, then simply text the number below the following information:

  • Name

  • Phone number

  • State

  • Email address

  • National Producer Number

  • What type of partnership you would like?

(816) 542-6395



Full time agents have requirements to maintain access to the "Free Stuff"

  • You will be a part of our Virtual Office in Discord

  • You can access and download at

  • You agree to be in Discord while you are calling

  • You agree to come to the meetings (M,W,F)

  • You agree to read and understand ONE book recommendation (scripting and training is based on the principles of "Never Split the Difference by Chris Voss"

  • You will reach out to a manager when you are struggling (Can't help you if we don't know)

  • After your first 30 days of actively working, there will be some minimums to maintain.

    • FOUR applications a month submitted

    • 400 dials a day (That's only 4 hours of work if no one answers)

If you aren't up for the simple requirements that this program has, please DO NOT apply. It's free for you, not for the manager who supplies it. This is the purpose of overrides in the insurance industry. It's so we can provide for our agents. No production = no overrides = no free services.

I understand that this may sound harsh, however, most new agents do not understand the amount of work that is required in the beginning of starting in this industry. I would rather scare someone off from this industry than take them on and they fail to provide for themselves or their family.

I am The Insurance Medic and I continue to "Do no harm", just like working in the medical field!

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